Baby Cat
1-016 baby-cat
Club Theater
Character # 016
Series 1
Rarity Popular
Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Goldenrod (Hair)

Pale Green (Eye)

Quote "Check meowt"

Baby Cat is a popular baby from the series 1 Theater club.


Baby Cat has brown skin and pea green eyes. Her ginger hair is worn up in buns, accented with pink bows framing her face. She adorns her head with a orange cat-eared headband.

Her attire consist in a piece of orange onesie with light orange stripes and white stomach. She also wears white sneakers and orange tights.


  • She is the first animal-themed LOL.
  • She is the only Series 1 LOL doll to begin with the letter "B"
  • She is one of the only tots to have colored legs in Series 1.