2-020 beats
Club Hip Hop
Character # 20
Series 2
Rarity Fancy
Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Silver (Hair)

Grey (Eye)

Quote "Crazysleepycool"

Beats is a Fancy tot from the Hip Hop club in series 2. 


Beats has tanned skin and grey eyes. Her eyebrows are black to accent the bar code shape beneath her left eye. Her lips are silver and her blush is very pale. Her hair is also silver, worn in several large curled sections with several loose curls framing her face.

She wears a silver top beneath a white jacket, pink soccer shorts with matching white and pink sports socks, and black short boots with white sole and stripe design.


  • Beats is a music themed LOL doll
  • Her quote "crazysleepycool" is is based on "crazysexycool" album by tlc