Bon Bon
2-021 bon bon
Club Cosplay
Character # 21
Series 2
Rarity Fancy
Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Pastel pink, blue, yellow (Hair)

Soft Blue (Eye)

Quote "Pretty in Pastel"

Bon Bon is a Fancy tot from the Cosplay club in series 2. 


Bon Bon has pale brown skin and big, soft blue eyes hidden behind lavender glasses. She has pink eyebrows and lips, and pale blushed cheeks. Her pale pastel blue, pink, and yellow hair is worn up in braided buns with the remainder worn loose and brushed messily.

Her attire is composed of a white T-shirt beneath a pastel pink and blue vest with stitching details and a lapel of pastel yellow and lavender. Her skirt is a pastel lavender tutu with pastel yellow bows sewn around it. She also wears pastel yellow ballerina shoes with a pair of split-colored tights, one leg pastel blue, the other pastel pink.


  • Her catchphrase is based on the saying Pretty in Pink.