Cheeky Babe
3-022 cheeky babe
Club Rock
Character # 3-022
Series 3
Rarity Popular
Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Red and Blue(hair)


Quote "I'm Rock royalty!"

Cheeky Babe is a Popular Series 3 baby from the new club: Rock Club.


Cheeky Babe has blue and red hair in a wavy style, just like Black Tie. Her shirt is blue with a union jack, her shorts are grey and ripped. She has tall red boots that are laced up. She has a small freckle on her face and is also pale skinned. She also wears a black spiky choker around her neck.


  • She is a British themed LOL Doll.
  • She will be napping in Series 3 wave 2
  • She is a confetti pop LOL Doll
  • Her Hair looks just like Black Tie, Surfer Babe, Rocker, Posh, and Splash Queen's hair, but with different colors.