3-007 dusk
Club Opposites
Character # 3-007
Series 3
Rarity Popular
Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Black (hair)

Brown (eyes)

Quote "I'm not a morning person…"

Dusk is a Popular Baby from the Opposites Club and shares the category with Dawn, who is her BFF.


Dusk has white skin with black hair that has ponytails at both sides with midnight blue tips, she has the same hairstyle as Sprints and V.R.Q.T's, she has a black dress with a white collar. She also has a black teardrop under her right eye.


  • As said in her appearance, she has the same hair style as Sprints's, and V.R.Q.T's.
  • Despite this, she is one of the LOL dolls to have a unique hairstyle.
  • She is one of the LOL Surprise! Confetti Pop dolls to have a warm color change.'


Dusk has a pet called Dusk Raven who is in the Wave 1 for Series 4.