Fake LOL Dolls have been seen on ebay and amazon, and in some malls.They are not manufactured by MGA Entertainment.

How to spot Fake LOL Dolls. Edit

  1. Check the name: some fake LOL dolls are called LQL not LOL
  2. Look at the pictures of it online, The dolls are weirdly made.
  3. See if they have a water surprise, Most of the fakes don't have a water surprise.
  4. They can fakes if they only spit.
  5. Use common sense! If it looks weird don't buy it!
  6. Double check with the real LOL surprise website to see if it is a real product or not.

Why fake L.O.L can be dangerous. Edit

Fake L.O.L surprise can be dangerous because, unlike the real L.O.L, they are not tested for safety and may contain dangerous chemicals that may cause cancer.

Trivia Edit

  • Since these fakes are only available online, they can be rare to get.
  • Because the fake LOL surprise are not tested for safety, the plastic used is likely to cause cancer and other diseases

Gallery Edit