1-005 fancy
Club Opposites
Character # 005
Series 1
Rarity Popular
Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Brown (Hair)

Pale Blue (Eye)

Quote "More issues than Chic Magazine."

Fancy is a Popular LOL from series 1. She is part of the Opposites club. She was re-released under the glitter series.


Fancy has brown hair with straight cut bangs pulled up into a large bun worn with a pale pink pearl tiara. She has soft blue eyes and pink lips, matching her pale pink blushed cheeks. Her skin is fair. 

Fancy wears a fuchsia dress with a layer of pastel pink fabric over it. Going down the center is a row of tiny white bows (There is 7 of them). She wears pastel pink shoes accent with a fuchsia strap.


  • Her name goes along with Fresh's to make the phrase fancy-fresh. Which is a term people use.
  • Her phrase More Issues than Vogue, is a reference to the Chic Magazine.
  • Her dress is very similar to Midnight's the difference being the colors.


Glitter Series AppearanceEdit

Club Glitter
Character # 3
Series Glitter
Rarity Fabulous
Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Brown(hair)


Quote "Sassy,Classy, and a lil flashy!"

Fancy is an fabulous lol doll.


Fancy has fair skin with pink blushed cheeks matching her lips. Her eyes are light blue, and she has glittering brown hair in a ponytail. She adorns her hair with a pale pink headband and large bow. Her attire consist in a glittering pale pink puffy blouse with a glittering hot pink skirt and white collar, while a fuchsia ribbon wraps around the middle. She also wears white heels with a pair of pale pink shocks and fuchsia sole.