2-022 fanime
Club Cosplay
Character # 22
Series 2
Rarity Popular
Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye black (Hair)

Brown (Eye)

Quote "tee-hee"

Fanimeis a Popular tot from the Cosplay club in series 2.   


Fanime has pale skin and big brown eyes with a small red heart and pink blush on each cheek. Her lips are pink. She has long black hair worn in braided pigtails and adorned with a large red bow on a headband.

She wears a white sweater with a red and white collar to accent the stripes on each arm. A navy-blue ribbon resides on the collar and matches her pleated skirt. She also wears red and white mini-boots and a pair of plain white socks.


  • Her name is based on Fan and Anime (Japanese cartoons).
  • Her design is inspired by the Sailor Fuku, a school uniform type.
    • It is also theorized she had some inspiration from the series Sailor Moon.
    • Her pet, Fuzzy Fan looks just like her (with the colors).
    • Her pet, is in the Wave 2 LOL Surprise Pets