2-026 heartbreaker
Club Storybook
Character # 2-026
Series 2
Rarity Fancy
Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Black and White

(Hair) Blue Eyes

Quote "Breaking hearts and takin' names"

Heartbreaker is a popular LOL Doll from series 2.She is part of the Storybook Club.                            


Heartbreaker has pale skin and pale pink blushed cheeks. Her lips are dark pink and she has dark indigo eyes. Her hair is split into two colors, the right side black and the left is white, and it is very fluffy, worn in thick buns with several braided strands woven through the top of her head.She wears a white frilly dress with a row of gold bows going down the center. Over this is a frilly piece of cloth, the left is entirely black while the right is dark pink. She also wears dark pink boots with black ribbon and shoelaces, worn with a pair of frilly white socks. On her head is a gold headband with a bead tiara.


She is based in the queen of hearts from Alice In Wonderland.