Honey Bun
2-019 honey bun
Club Hip Hop
Character # 19
Series 2
Rarity Popular
Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Black (Hair)

Dull Green (Eye)

Quote "Top knot, top notch!"

Honey Bun is a Popular tot from the Hip Hop club in series 2. 


Honey bun has pale brown skin with brown eyebrows, dull green eyes, freckles, and dark pink lips with pale blush. Her black hair is worn up in a bun, held by sections of hair with the remainder, her bangs, straightened. She wears large gold hoop earrings.Her clothing consists of a gold tank-top with a pair of khaki-green shorts that have several rips and snags, along with a button flap and her fuchsia sweater tied around the waist. She wears black short boots with a tan sole.