Hoops MVP
1-019 hoops-mvp
Club Athletic
Character # 1-019
Series 1
Rarity Popular
Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Black (Hair)

Brown (Eye)

Quote "Dribble Dribble Score"

Hoops MVP is a Popular baby from the series 1 Athletic club.

She was released in the Glitter series as well.


Hoops MVP is a lol doll. She wears a orange pacifier, black hair, basketball uniform and brown eyes, and she has miniboots.


Glitter Series AppearanceEdit

Hoops MVP (glitter)
Club Athletic
Character # G-010
Series Glitter
Rarity Fabulous
Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Black(hair)


Quote "I don"t sweat, I sparkle"

Hoops MVP is a fabulous lol doll.