2-027 hops
Club Storybook
Character # 27
Series 2
Rarity Fancy
Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Fuchsia (Hair)

Brown (Eye)

Quote "Does running late count as exercise?"

Hops is a Fancy tot from the Storybook club in series 2. 


Spring has pink hair, styled into a bow. She has a black moon. She has blue eyes hidden behind with red and black pointed heart-sunglasses and light purple lipstick. She wears a orange swimsuit with black polka dots, black knee high socks and red sandals with pom-poms.


She resembles SPF Q.T., Snuggle Babe and P.H.D.B.B. She has the same sandals as Babydoll, Showbaby and Sleeping B.B. Her swimsuit is similar to Surfer Babe, Waves and Vacay Babay She has the same heart-sunglasses as Luxe, Rip Tide and Angel