Ice Sk8ter
2-011 ice sk8er
Club Athletic
Character # 11
Series 2
Rarity Fancy
Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Pink (Hair)

Indigo (Eye)

Quote "Queen of the rink"

Ice Sk8ter is a Fancy tot from the Athletic club in series 2. 


Ice Sk8ter has tan skin and big indigo eyes with pink lips and cheeks. Her pastel pink hair is worn up in a thick braided headband with short straightened bangs.She wears a pale blue shiny dress with a dot pattern and fuchsia lining to accent the bows on her ruffled pink sleeves and pleat skirt. She also wears white ice skating shoes.


She color changes in the cold water, her brown hair gains black highlights. She also comes with a lil sister named Lil Kansas Q. T., comes with a bag and a accesory.