Kitty Queen
2-002 kitty queen
Club Glitterati
Character # 2
Series 2
Rarity Rare
Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Silver (Hair)

Brown (Eye)

Quote "Purr-fection"

Kitty Queen is a Rare baby from the series 2 Glitterati club.


Kitty Queen has tanned skin and sparkling brown eyes with pink lips and rosy cheeks. She has silver glittering hair worn in a ponytail held by a knotted section of hair.

She wears a glittering pale pink tank-top with glittering silver short-shorts and thigh-length pale pink boots. On her head is a pale pink cat ear headband.


  • Kitty Queen is the second cat-themed LOL, the first being Baby Cat and the third being Troublemaker.
  • Her pet, Kitty Kitty, will be released in Wave 2 of the LOL Surprise Pets.
  • She is based on Ariana Grande because, of the cat ears and her high ponytail, and sometimes Ariana is a kitty