1-025 lil-center-stage

A lil sister from series 1 aka Naughty

The Lil Sisters are a spin-off set of mystery capsules in the LOL series. They are based on the main tots of the series and originally started out as ultra-rare finds in Series 1.

Starting with Series 2 of the Dolls, the Lil Sisters gained their own set of capsules rather then being packaged within the tot capsules. See the Lil Sisters Collection for the various character pages and information.


The Lil Sisters capsules are much like the main LOL sets. However, they only come with 5 surprises instead of 7, and feature most of the surprises in one chamber within the Capsule due to its smaller size.

Also included is a chain to attach to the Capsule, allowing the owner to turn it into a keychain. As well as an accessory or alternate pair of shoes for their associated sister.


The lil sisters act like their big sisters, but they lack their crying, peeing, and spitting abilities. Instead they all feature color change abilities.This is due to them having small lips and no room for their tinkling ability.