M.C. Swag
1-013 mc-swag
Club Glee
Character # 013
Series 1
Rarity Popular
Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye White (Hair)

Pale Green (Eye)

Quote "Straight outta daycare"

M.C. Swag is a Popular LOL from series 1. She is part of the Glee club.


M.C. Swag has light tan skin, pale pink blushed cheeks and red lips. Her eyes are light green, and she has platinum hair worn up in four braids. She adorns her hair with a red hat. She wears red onesie with a white and black fleece jacket, says "Baby 01". She also wears golden mini-boots with shoelaces.

Pet InfoEdit

M.C Swag has a little hamster named M.C. Hammy for a pet. M.C. Hammy has hair very similar to her owners. She also comes with a gold money sign necklace and some black and gold hip-hop glasses.

Glitter Series AppearanceEdit

M.C Swag is a fabulous lol doll.                                                         

M.C Swag (Glitter)
Club Glee
Character # 5
Series Glitter
Rarity Fabulous
Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Blonde(hair)


Quote "1-LOL-Hotline-Bling"


M. C. Swag has glittering blonde hair, styled into cornrows and braided pigtails. She has pale green eyes, light tan skin, red lips with a pale pink blushed cheeks. She wears glittering red shirt with white stripes, says "01",glittering red short-short with a white line. She also has red sweatband, golden boots and a gold chain necklace.