This is a page detailing the various merchandise releases for the Lol surprise series. 

Mystery CapsulesEdit

Balls full of surprises. A total of 28 dolls can be found in total of series 1, and each doll has one or two features. She can tinkle, cry, color change various features, or spit.

The capsules can be transformed into a little purse to carry the toys and have built in stands.

Currently the capsules are in waves 2 and 3 of Series 4, also known as the Eye Spy series.

Lil SistersEdit

The first spin-off series of LOL dolls, featuring the Lil Sisters of the main dolls. Like their big sisters they have the option to color change and include 5 surprises incomparison to the original 7. They lack the other crying features.

It is currently in it's 3rd collection.

LOL Surprise PetsEdit

A second spin-off series introduced when the main capsule was releasing series 3. This time focusing on the pets of the LOL dolls. Each comes with a water feature and surprise accessories.

It is currently in it's 3rd collection and has recently introduced the Interactive Pets and Biggie Pets.

Bath FizzEdit

Round LOL inspired bath fizzers, each with a temporary tattoo and a collectable charm. It is currently in it's 3rd collection.


Besides the main capsule toy and spin-off series, there has also been several smaller collections. Including:

Big SurpriseEdit

To celebrate the LOL series party event in 2017, this special and large Capsule was being given away for a limited time. It can be found in stores and contains 50+ surprises- including exclusive LOL dolls. Since then, there has been multiple large surprise based sets. Including:


Play SetsEdit