Miss Punk
2-015 miss punk
Club Glam
Character # 2-015
Series 2
Rarity Fancy
Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Purple (Hair)

Blue (Eye)

Quote "51% Punk, 49% Princess"

Miss Punk is a Fancy Lol doll from series 2, She is part of the Glam club.


Miss Punk has fair skin with pale cheeks and dark pink lips. Her eyes are powder blue and she has black eyebrows. Her hair is violet with a braid woven on each side, with the remainder pulled up into a thick curled shape and colored lavender.

She wears a light blue dress with the tutu skirt in two pleated layers, the second of which is black. The waist is silver and worn around her body is a white sash with MISS PUNK written on it. She also wears violet and black boots with fishnet stockings.