2-009 pranksta
Club Theater
Character # 9
Series 2
Rarity Popular
Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Pastel Pink, Blue, and Purple (Hair)

Azure (Eye)

Quote "Lol JK"

Pranksta is a Popular tot from the Theater club in series 2. 


Pranksta has tan skin and big azure eyes with pink lips and cheeks. Her frizzy straightened hair is split into three colors, coming in pastel pink, blue, and purple and worn with a big white bow.

She wears a pink and black split dress with a blue belt and button on the chest. Her skirt is in three layers, the top being striped, followed by a solid blue layer and solid pink. Her thigh-high boots are duo colored, one pink and one blue.


  • She might be a resemblance to clowns because clowns can make pranks.
  • She first appears in Sugar Love.