Queen Bee
1-003 queen-bee
Club The Glitterati
Character # 003
Series 1
Rarity Rare
Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Gold (Hair)

Brown (Eye)

Quote "What's the buzz, honey?"

Queen Bee is one of the rare LOL from series 1. She is part of the Glitterati club.

She was re-released under the Glitter series.


black baby with chocolate-colored eyes and pink lips. She has glittering golden hair with straightly cut bangs, pulled up into puffy buns. She wears a glittering gold dress that closes Up when you touch it with black stripes. Her black boots have shoelaces.


  • She is the only S1 Glitterati doll to have her own secret message.
  • Her quote is "What's the buzz, Honey?''


Glitter Series AppearanceEdit

Queen Bee (glitter)
Club Glitter
Character # 1
Series Glitter
Rarity Ultra-Rare
Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Yellow(hair)


Quote " Bee your sparkly self"

Queen Bee is an Ultra-Rare lol doll.


She has the same brown skin and glittery gold hair tied in two buns. She wears a glittery black outfit with only one sleeve that deflates after you touch it, a gold belt around her waist, and gold shoes.