Royal High-Ney
1-026 royal-high-ney
Club Glam
Character # 026
Series 1
Rarity Popular
Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Pale Pink (Hair)

Sky Blue (Eye)

Quote "Le Sigh"

Royal High-Ney is a Popular baby from the series 1 Glam club.


Royal High-Ney has fair skin and pale blue eyes. Her light pink hair is worn in a wavy style and down in two braids. She has black eyebrows, dark red lips, and a black beauty mark shaped like a heart on her cheek. She wears a puffy pink dress with hot pink bows and some light green. She also wears hot pink shoes with white socks and bows.


  • She resembles Jewel Sparkles from Lalaloopsy.
    • Both girls have a pink and light green theme.
    • Both have bows on their outfits.
    • Both of them have a beauty mark.
    • Their shoe styles are vaguely similar.
  • She is inspired by the 1770s'.