2-007 spice
Club Opposites
Character # 7
Series 2
Rarity Popular
Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Black (Hair)

Azure (Eye)

Quote "Hot like a pepper!"

Spice is a Popular baby from the series 2 who comes from the Opposites Club, along with Sugar.


Spice has fair skin with dark, dull pink blushed cheeks and pink lips. Her shiny eyes are azure and she has dark pink eyebrows, along with a beauty mark at the bottom left corner of her eye. Her black hair is worn in a high ponytail held a cherry-colored headband that has devil horns attached.

Her outfit is composed of a cherry single-sleeved top and black short-shorts with an electric pink belt to match her striped tights. Her cherry boots are laced by black string.


  • Her name and theme is based on the saying "sugar and spice".
  • She is one of the only LOL in series 2 with her own message.
    • This is shared with Sugar.