Splash Queen
2-001 splash queen
Club Glitterati
Character # 1
Series 2
Rarity Ultra-Rare
Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Azure (Hair)

Indigo (Eye)

Quote "I need vitamin sea"

Splash Queen is an Ultra-Rare baby from the series 2 Glitterati club.


Splash Queen has pale brown skin and big, sparkly indigo eyes and pink lips. Her azure hair is partially shaved with a thick curly section framing the left of her head.

She wears a mermaid outfit composed of a sky blue seashell top and glittering pink mermaid tail to match the several pearl chains circling her neck. She also has sky blue sandals with a bow on each toe and tan sole.


  • Splash Queen is the second Mermaid-themed LOL.
    • Unlike the previous one, she is a Gliterati.
  • She is the only Series 2 Glitterati who is an Ultra-Rare.