Sugar Queen
2-003 sugar queen
Club Glitterati
Character # 2-003
Series 2
Rarity Rare
Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Purple(hair)


Quote "Nuts about the stage"

Sugar Queen is a lol doll with series 2 from the glitterati.She is a rare doll.


Sugar Queen has fair skin and big, sparkling indigo eyes. Her purple glittery hair is worn up in a thick bun adorned with a fuchsia headband covered in big flowers. Her short tuft of bangs are straightened with a single curl near each eye. She has pink lips and pale blushed cheeks.Sugar wears a fuchsia top with ruffled sleeves and hot pink glittery lining. Her skirt is a lavender ruffled tutu with glitter on the top half to match the bows sewn around the middle. She also wears fuchsia ballerina flats.


She has the same shoes as Go-Go Gurl