Sugar Queen
2-003 sugar queen
Club Glitterati
Character # 2-003
Series 2
Rarity Rare
Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Purple(hair)


Quote "Nuts about the stage"

Sugar Queen is a lol doll with series 2 from the glitterati.She is a rare doll.


Sugar Queen has fair skin and big, sparkling indigo eyes. Her purple glittery hair is worn up in a thick bun adorned with a fuchsia headband covered in big flowers. Her short tuft of bangs are straightened with a single curl near each eye. She has pink lips and pale blushed cheeks.Sugar wears a fuchsia top with ruffled sleeves and hot pink glittery lining. Her skirt is a lavender ruffled tutu with glitter on the top half to match the bows sewn around the middle. She also wears fuchsia ballerina flats.


The name of her little sister is Lil Sugar Queen.