2-028 troublemaker
Club StoryBook
Character # 28
Series 2
Rarity Popular
Physical and Vital Information
Hair/Eye Teal (Hair)

Brown (Eye)

Quote "Peek A Boo"

Troublemaker is a Popular LOL Doll from series 2 wave 2.  


Troublemaker has light brown skin and brown eyes. She has pale pink cheeks and fuchsia lips, with a black cat nose and whiskers, and eyebrows. Her pastel turquoise hair is worn up in a high ponytail with short straightened bangs left loose. She wears turqoise cat ears on a headband.

She wears a turquoise striped tube sock under a black denim vest to match her denim short-shorts with several tears and shreds on the leg. She also wears a turquoise sweater tied around her waist, black and white sneakers, and a pair of socks that match her top.


    • She is the third cat-themed tot, following Baby Cat and Kitty Queen.
    • She is the second cat tot to have a cat nose and whiskers.
  • She is based on the Cheshire Cat from the Alice in Wonderland.